Johanna is standing in the jewelry booth. She has short dark hair and is smiling. Behind her is a Penguina Designs banner. In the foreground are racks of colorful earrings and necklaces.
Johanna Lindsay is the artist behind Penguina Designs. She creates innovative sculptural beadwork jewelry with re-imagined uses of traditional stitching techniques, emphasizing self-supporting forms, light, and color. Most pieces are woven with a needle and sturdy, specialized thread, Czech glass and other materials. Her current body of work is focused on the forms that emphasize connectedness to community and nostalgic colorways that evoke joyful memories.

A life-long Northwesterner, Johanna fell in love with beads as a child and has been working professionally as a jewelry designer since 2004. She believes in the power of adornment to help us navigate and control how the world perceives us.
She enjoys playing with color, bringing in elements inspired by nature, architecture, and the world around her, including seasonal flora. She loves the magic seeing people's faces light up when they discover the adornment that makes them feel exactly right!